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Debunking Digital SAT Myths: Clearing Up Common Misconceptions

By Laura Whitmore

There's a lot of chatter about the Digital SAT, and I'm here to help you separate fact from fiction. I've heard so many myths floating around, and I think it's high time we set the record straight. So, whether you're a student deep in the prep grind or a parent trying to navigate this journey with your teen, let's bust some myths together!

Not up for reading? Check out my YouTube video instead!

Myth #1: There's Not Enough Prep Material for the Digital SAT

This one couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, the College Board has released just a handful of official tests for the digital version, but that doesn't mean you're short on resources.

I've even got a blog post where I've listed some top-notch resources, so do check that out here.

Myth #2: I Can't Stand Taking Tests on a Computer

I get it, change can be a bit daunting. But let me tell you, after working with students on this for a while, I've seen many of them (including myself!) warming up to the digital setup.

And if you're looking to get a head start on your English prep, our Self-Paced Digital SAT English Course is a great way to ease into the format.

Myth #3: I Should Start Prepping in Junior Year, Right?

Now, this is one I hear a lot. But honestly, starting in your sophomore year can be a game-changer. Junior year can be jam-packed with tough classes and extracurriculars, so why not get a head start? And if you're already tackling Algebra 2, you're in a great spot to start digging into the SAT.

Myth #4: Colleges Will See All My SAT Scores

Here's some good news: colleges only see the SAT scores you choose to send them. So, if you take the test a few times, you're in control of which scores go out to the universities. No need to worry about any 'bad' scores.

Myth #5: The Math on the Digital SAT is Harder

Okay, I see where this one comes from. The math questions do get a bit tricky towards the end. But remember, you've got a graphing calculator at your disposal for the whole test. Trust me, it's a game-changer and can actually make tackling those math problems easier.

Myth #6: I Don't Need SAT Scores Anymore

Despite the rise of test-optional policies, a strong SAT score can still set you apart. It still hold a lot of value. A solid SAT score can help you stand out, especially if many others aren't submitting theirs. Plus, it can be a huge help if your GPA isn't quite where you want it to be.

Wrapping It Up

I hope this helps clear up any confusion and sets you on the right path. A bit of myth-busting to help guide you through the Digital SAT landscape. We're all about making your prep journey as smooth as possible. Check out our other blog posts and YouTube videos for more tips or resources.

Happy Prepping!


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