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Best Digital SAT Prep Resources

Updated: Aug 3

By Laura Whitmore

Finding Best Resources for Practicing Digital SAT Practice Questions
Student Practicing the Digital SAT

With every new SAT test iteration, students struggle to find ample SAT test questions to practice from. The digital SAT test is no different. With Collegeboard only releasing four practice tests (the equivalent of about 400 questions), it is difficult to find good digital SAT Prep resources and additional questions to prep from. Every student knows the more exposure they have to a plethora of questions, the more prepared they will be for anything that comes their way on test day.

With that said, I have compiled a list of the best resources you can use to get additional questions to prep from when you are preparing for your digital SAT exam.

  1. BlueBook Exams App: This is by far the best resource, as it contains official questions by CollegeBoard. It is an app you can use on an iPad or Desktop and it is the same app you will use when you take the real test. It is important that you practice all four exams in this app at least a couple of times each to get a feel for how to use the technology and how the questions are structured. Get BlueBook in the App Store or Google Play.

  2. Princeton Review's Digital SAT Model (Free Course): Head over to Princeton Review and Sign up for their free model. Comprised of 20 English questions and 20 math questions, the model has the look and feel of the BlueBook exams app, with a timer at the top. However, some of the functionality is missing, like being able to cross off answer choices. The questions are a lot like the official questions so you have an extra 40 practice questions in this model. Get the model here:

  3. Preptly: Digital SAT Prep App: With its vibrant colors and fun gamified features, the Preptly app contains as many new questions right now as the BlueBook exams app, with more being added regularly. Not only does Preptly offer a skills assessment to each new user to assess weaknesses, but it also allows users to perform practice drills to gain mastery on each type of question as well as complete timed quizzes to help with their pacing. With various subscription choices and an option for a free 3-day trial to test it out, Preptly costs less than an SAT prep book and allows students to prep on the go with their mobile devices. Get Preptly here:

  4. DSAT Sample Questions: Collegeboard had released 33 sample DSAT questions ahead of rolling out the BlueBook app. If you have not yet tried these sample questions, this is another great resource to get exposure to extra official questions. Get the sample questions here:

  5. Khan Academy: A free resource, Khan Academy provides 4 practice questions per category for most types of questions on the Digital SAT. So, if you're needing additional practice questions, definitely head this way to try those out. However, take the Khan academy videos and instruction with a grain of salt: it is clear he does not have a test prep background; his explanations are often technical instead of strategic and his videos can be quite boring. To access this free resource, visit:

  6. Test Preview (BlueBook): A largely overlooked feature, there is a test preview in the BlueBook app that allows students to try out the test with a sample set of questions. They do not provide answers to the test preview, but the answers are as follows:

Answers to Test Preview:

  1. B Melodic

  2. D It sets up a character description

  3. D It discusses the study…

  4. C It may seem plausible…

  5. D And so the years go swiftly…

  6. C 82%

  7. D falling (no punctuation)

  8. C Like many of…

  9. C 2.4

  10. B 4

  11. -32

  12. A Each side of fig B has a length of 6 in

  13. B 5

  14. D Zero

  15. 3.44 or 86/25

Hope that helps! As I find additional resources, I will be sure to update this blog post! Please email me and let me know if you find any additional resources that are helpful to you!

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