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Best Digital SAT Prep Resources

Updated: Mar 6

By Laura Whitmore

Finding Best Resources for Practicing Digital SAT Practice Questions
Student Practicing the Digital SAT

-Updated March 6, 2024-

With every new SAT test iteration, students struggle to find ample SAT test questions to practice from. The digital SAT test is no different. With Collegeboard only releasing four practice tests (the equivalent of about 400 questions), it is difficult to find good digital SAT Prep resources and additional questions to prep from. Every student knows the more exposure they have to a plethora of questions, the more prepared they will be for anything that comes their way on test day.

With that said, I have compiled a list of the best resources you can use to get additional questions to prep from when you are preparing for your digital SAT exam.

  1. BlueBook Exams App (Best Overall Resource): This is by far the best overall resource, as it contains official digital SAT practice tests by CollegeBoard. It is an app you can use on an iPad or Desktop and it is the same app you will use when you take the real test. It is important that you practice all four exams in this app at least a couple of times each to get a feel for how to use the technology and how the questions are structured. Pro Tip: Take one practice test to get a baseline score (if you haven’t taken a real SAT yet). However, I would recommend waiting to use the remaining practice tests in this resource until you take a prep course, develop strategies, perform practice drills, and/or essentially learn how to execute each type of questIon first. Get BlueBook Exams here.

  2. Khan Academy (Best Free Resource): A free resource, Khan Academy provides 4 practice questions per category for most types of questions on the Digital SAT. So, if you're needing additional practice questions, definitely head this way to try those out. Since Khan Academy has an exclusive contract with CollegeBoard, the questions it provides are basically authentic. However, the Khan Academy lessons focus more on content and do not emphasize test-taking strategies as much. Access this free resource here.

  3. Vibrant Publishers (Best Digital SAT Prep Books): Vibrant Publishers stands out as a leader in Test Prep, particularly for the Digital SAT and GRE. They are the only publishing house offering three distinct SAT Prep books, covering Reading & Writing, Math, and Practice Tests. Developed using feedback from thousands of international test-takers, their content closely mirrors the College Board tests. Already adopted by numerous companies and school districts, either co-branded or as-is, for official course materials, Vibrant Publishers also boasts content partnership agreements with top digital SAT study platforms, ensuring their resources are at the forefront of SAT preparation. Get their books here.

  4. Preptly: Digital SAT Prep App (Best Mobile App): Unlike all other options on this list, which require sitting down at a computer or to a large book, Preptly is a great option for students who prefer to prep a little bit each day conveniently from their mobile device. With its vibrant colors and fun gamified features, Preptly is the ideal daily practice app for both Android and iPhone. To unlock exclusive questions in both English and Math as well as an AI Tutor named WhizBee, get Preptly here.

  5. College Board Question Bank (Best Practice Questions): College Board has released an awesome question bank at the end of August with more official DSAT Questions to prep from. This is an excellent free tool that allows students to practice their weaknesses by filtering to different types of questions. It would be better if students were able to view and answer the questions all in one place and move easily from one question to the next, but alas, you have to convert them into a PDF first after you dig through to find the ones you want. Access the question bank here. 

  6. Strategic Test Prep Digital SAT Self-Paced English Course (Best Online English Course): Our innovative self-paced digital SAT English course has helped over 100 students increase their scores! Equipped with 18 exclusive video lessons, hundreds of unique practice questions, and effective exercises, our course builds a student's reading and grammar skills to achieve 100+ point score gains or your money back.*  Enroll here.  

  7. r. Test (Best Online Full Test Software): r. Test is unrivaled when it comes to the features and analytics it provides students. I was very impressed with r. Test’s question design as well - they didn‘t just replicate College Board questions, they added “curveballs” of their own. The interface has the look and feel of taking a real test in BlueBook as well. However, I have had a few students complain that the English modules weren’t as challenging as they could be. Try out r. Test.

  8. Blueprep (Best Online Full-length Tests on a Budget): Discover Blueprep, a budget-friendly yet high-quality option for Digital SAT preparation. Meticulously crafted to mimic the real test, Blueprep offers a realistic interface, challenging questions, and essential study tools: full-length tests, a concise question bank, and a detailed SAT overview. It's affordable and user-friendly, ideal for focused study. Additionally, Blueprep provides free resources, including a practice test with explanations, a limited question bank, and a comprehensive SAT guide with strategic tips. This makes Blueprep an excellent choice for students seeking effective and economical SAT prep solutions. Get Blueprep here.

  9. Curvebreakers (Best Strategy DSAT Book): Curvebreakers revolutionizes SAT prep with an innovative approach to the digital SAT (dSAT). Recognizing the need for more than just content mastery, their guide focuses on tailored strategies to navigate the exam's unique challenges. It's a comprehensive toolkit encompassing content review, test-taking tactics, and confidence-building exercises. The book includes potent dSAT prep strategies, practice problems for each question type, and two paper dSAT practice tests to emulate the real exam experience. Additionally, it offers online solutions, anxiety reduction techniques, and exclusive access to further dSAT products and discounts, providing a holistic preparation journey for students. Get the book here.

  10. Mathchops (Best Math Practice Software): Mathchops is the only adaptive digital math practice resource for the SAT. It picks the best questions for each student to practice based on their previous answers, so that they don’t waste time on anything that’s too easy or too hard. And because the numbers change every time a question appears, Mathchops is effectively an unlimited source of targeted practice. Get Mathchops here.

  11. Strategic Test Prep's You Tube Channel (Best Free Videos): When the digital SAT was released in March 2023, I was actually the first test prep coach to come out with video tutorials explaining the new test and teaching students strategies to help them succeed. Unlike some other influencers on the platform who only focus on English or math, I focus on all areas of the test. Viewers say that my videos "explain things in a way that I can really understand" and "helped me improve my score a lot!" Watching out my Digital SAT Prep playlist is a great way to start prepping and it's completely free!

  12. Old Paper SAT Tests (Best Extra Math Practice): Don't throw out those old paper tests! With about 90% overlap in math concepts from the paper test to the digital SAT, I recommend that all of my digital SAT students practice out of recent paper tests for math (think last 2 years, no older). Only do this for math, however, as the English portions have changed drastically. To access recent official SAT paper tests for free, go here.

Hope that helps! If you're interested in getting private tutoring for the new digital SAT, our team of 1500+ tutors can help you achieve a brag-worthy score. Please fill out the following form and we will contact you:

As I find additional worthwhile resources, I will be sure to update this blog post! Please email me and let me know if you find any additional resources that are helpful to you!

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