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Apply to be a Preptly App Ambassador!

If you are in 9th - 11th grade and have an active Instagram, YouTube, or TikTok account, apply to be a Preptly: Digital SAT Prep App Ambassador! For more information on our Preptly app, please go here.

Benefits of Becoming a Preptly Ambassador

Preptly App Ambassadors get a ton of perks! Here are the benefits you can receive by joining this movement:

Free 3-Month Subscription (Automatic)

Get a free subscription to the Preptly app for as long as you are an ambassador with us! (A $30 value)

Enhance Your College Application

Include on your college applications that you participated in digital marketing activities for a start-up. If you represent the brand well, we would even be happy to write you a letter of recommendation! (Priceless)

Build Goodwill with your Followers

Give a special promo code to your followers so they can get 50% off their first month of Preptly! (Priceless)

Access to One Self-Paced Course Free (Bonus)

If 10 people use your promo code, you can get access to one of our self-paced SAT courses for free! (A $200 value)

Access to Two Self-Paced Courses Free (Bonus)

If 20 people use your promo code, you will get access to both of our courses free! (A $400 value)

Preptly Ambassador ExcellenceScholarship (Bonus)

If 40 people use your promo code, you will get access to everything mentioned above and you will be awarded a $1000 Preptly Ambassador Excellence Scholarship! (A $1630 value)

  • You must demonstrate that you are actively engaged in posting content on TikTok or Instagram.

  • You must create at minimum 2 short-form videos or 1 long-form video per month speaking to your experience using Preptly and offering your followers a promo code to try it out.


  • Please fill out our application. If we believe you would be a great fit, we will let you know and provide you with further details to get started as an ambassador!


  • Once accepted, you can be an Ambassador for as long as you'd like, but we require a minimum 3 month commitment.

Preptly Ambassador Requirements

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