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Subject Tutoring

Since GPA is a key factor in the college admissions process, we recognize that your grades in school are important. At Strategic Test Prep, our tutor team all graduated at the top of the class, so we know what it takes to get good grades. We have supported over 100 students to-date with subject tutoring.

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  • If you’re struggling in a particular class and your grade is negatively impacting your GPA

  • If you’re a disorganized or demotivated student and could benefit from the direction of a tutor.

  • If you need to improve your study skills or organizational skills.

When should you get subject tutoring?

What Subjects Do We Tutor?

✔️ Chemistry

(all levels, including AP)

✔️ Biology

(all levels, including AP)

✔️ Physics

(all levels, including AP)

✔️ Pre Algebra

(all levels)

✔️ Geometry

(all levels)

✔️ Pre-Calculus

(all levels, including AP)

✔️ Calculus

(all levels, including AP)

✔️ Algebra

(all levels)

After a 15-minute consultation, we will determine if you should meet with a tutor 1 or 2x weekly. All sessions are an hour in length. We only take students who are willing to make a long-term commitment (think: at least a quarter or semester). We will not be able to make a lasting impact and your grades are not likely to improve with only a couple of sessions. With consistent weekly meetings, our students improve by a full letter grade or more!

How Does Subject Tutoring Work?

Where Do You Provide Subject Tutoring?

Most of our students meet over the computer for our tutoring services, since we reach and impact students all over the world. However, we do offer in-person tutoring in Binghamton, NY as well.

For more information on subject tutoring, please check out our Information Pack.

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