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May SAT Study Guide: Expert Tips to Get a Better Score

By Laura Whitmore

Do you often find yourself in the murky waters of test preparation, seeking that elusive strategy for success? Rest assured! In this digital SAT study guide, I simplify the preparation process, providing clear, actionable strategies that bridge the gap between anxiety and achievement. From finding the best study buddy to creating a perfect study schedule, I’ll share insights that are easy to follow and really work.

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WHO ⚡ The Power of a Study Buddy

Teamwork in SAT prep is vital. Whether it's a study buddy, an encouraging parent, or a tutor, having someone to share the journey with can provide much-needed support and motivation. For students, a study buddy not only makes the journey more enjoyable but also creates a shared experience that can be incredibly motivating.

WHERE ⚡ The Ideal Study Space

The environment where a student studies greatly influences their concentration and productivity. Choose a space free from distractions, and make it a rule to keep phones and social media out of reach during study sessions. Remember, a quiet and organized space can work wonders for concentration.

WHEN ⚡ Scheduling is Key

Planning when to study is just as crucial. Set aside specific days of the week dedicated solely to SAT preparation. Consistency is key here. Mark these days in your calendar and treat them as non-negotiable appointments. It could be two to three hours, twice a week. This structured approach helps in maintaining a steady pace without feeling overwhelmed.

WHY ⚡ Understanding Your Motivation

Understanding why you're studying for the digital SAT is essential to stay motivated. Whether it's to compensate for a lower GPA, to stand out in applications to top-tier universities, or to qualify for scholarships, keep this motivation at the forefront. It's what will keep you pushing forward, especially on those days when studying feels like the last thing you want to do.

HOW ⚡ Focused and Strategic Studying

A targeted approach to studying is important. Analyzing previous SAT or PSAT scores to pinpoint weaknesses, then tackling these areas with focused practice is essential. This focused approach ensures that you're not just practicing, but practicing smartly. And remember, after a week of targeted practice, it’s beneficial to take a full-length practice test to gauge your progress and adjust your study plan accordingly.

WHAT ⚡ Choosing the Right Materials

In terms of what materials to use, I highly recommend sticking with official College Board resources. These materials are most reflective of what you'll encounter on test day. Focus on the types of questions you find challenging and use the official answer explanations to guide your understanding.

A Word for Those Struggling ⭐

If, despite all your efforts, you find yourself struggling, consider seeking additional support. Our Self-Paced SAT Courses can provide deeper insights and strategies to help you overcome specific challenges. For more hands-on, personalized support, I will be hosting the first ever LIVE remote SAT Strategy Class starting April 27th to prep for the June SAT! I just finished designing the class and I must say, it is going to be amazing! I only have 9 spots remaining and they will go quickly. 🏃‍♀️💨

🔥 Bottom Line

This guide aims to empower students and parents alike as you navigate the path to SAT success. Remember, regular practice, understanding your motivations, and utilizing the right resources will greatly enhance your preparation.

Happy prepping!


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