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10 Essential Last-Minute Tips for the March SAT

By Laura Whitmore

Are you feeling the pre-SAT jitters? Wondering if there's anything else you can do in these final hours to boost your digital SAT score? Whether you're a high schooler facing the challenge head-on or a parent keen on guiding your child through this journey, I've got you covered. I'm sharing 10 invaluable last-minute tips that can make a real difference in your SAT preparation. These strategies are designed to calm nerves, sharpen focus, and give you that extra edge.

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Tip #01 Jumpstart Your English Section

Did you know starting with question 15 on the SAT English section can be a game-changer? It eases students into the quicker, simpler questions, paving the way for efficient time management.

Tip #02 Make Math Easier with Desmos

Maths can be daunting, but with the Desmos calculator, it doesn't have to be. This tool is fantastic for tricky algebra questions and systems of equations. A little practice with Desmos can make a big difference!

Tip #03 Get Ready the Night Before

Reducing test-day anxiety starts the night before. Ensure everything is ready - admission tickets, a comfy outfit, charged devices, and a snack bag. A little organization can lead to a lot of peace of mind.

Tip #04 Think Smarter, Not Harder

Grasping the test layout is crucial. If a math problem seems too complex or too simple, step back and reassess. This metacognitive approach helps students avoid common traps in test-taking.

Tip #05 Play Positive/Negative

Especially handy in the English section, this strategy involves matching the tone of the answer to the text. Unsure of a word? No problem. Gauge the text's tone and choose accordingly!

Tip #06 Use Scrap Paper for Clear Thinking

I highly encourage you to use scrap paper for all your work. It’s a great way to organize thoughts and calculations, making it easier to review and revise answers.

Tip #07 Solve Math by Working Backwards

When in doubt, work backwards. Plugging the answer choices back into the problem can unveil the correct solution - a neat trick for those tricky math questions!

Tip #08 Read Questions Before Passages

A simple yet effective strategy in the English section - read the question before the passage. It helps focus on what's needed and saves precious time.

Tip #09 Majority Rules

Stuck on a question? Look for common characteristics among the answer choices. This approach can be surprisingly effective, especially with tricky grammar and math problems.

Tip #10 Keep Calm and Carry On

Lastly, don't panic if you get stuck. Breathe, take a moment, and approach the problem with a fresh perspective.

For those looking for additional resources, Preptly, our mobile digital SAT Prep app, is a great tool. It offers a fun, accessible way for students to practice on the go, making preparation more engaging and less overwhelming.

Parents, your support in these strategies can be immensely helpful. Whether it's practicing with the Desmos calculator or organizing the night-before checklist, your involvement can ease the pressure off your child.

Happy prepping!


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