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March SAT Revealed: Firsthand Accounts and Tips

By Laura Whitmore

Have you ever wondered what it's really like to sit for the new digital SAT? We're here to share authentic experiences that shed light on what truly happens during one of the most pivotal exams for high school students. We're diving into the March SAT with Roger and Anjali, who recently faced this crucial test head-on. They recounted their firsthand experiences, challenges, and the strategies that helped them succeed. Whether you’re a student gearing up for your own SAT journey or a parent seeking insights to support your child, these accounts offer a unique window into what to expect and how to prepare effectively.

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👉 Digital vs. Paper SAT: A Comparative Look

Our discussion delved into the nuances between the digital and paper formats of the SAT. Both formats have their advantages and drawbacks. The digital format, while convenient, poses unique challenges, especially in the reading sections and the math's Module 2. However, the incorporation of tools like Desmos was a plus for our tutors who took the test.

👉 The Testing Experience: Streamlined and Efficient

Roger and Anjali reported a smooth and efficient testing process with minimal paperwork, thanks to digital pre-registration. This streamlined approach, though efficient, did come with a surprise – only one sheet of scrap paper was provided, though more could be requested.

👉 Maintaining Confidence: Tackling Module Disparities

A critical piece of advice from our tutors was about maintaining confidence throughout the test. They observed a marked difference in difficulty between the first and second modules, especially in the digital format. The key is to stay confident and not be intimidated by the sudden spike in difficulty.

👉 Desmos: A Helpful Tool but Don't Over-Depend

Both tutors agreed on the utility of Desmos in solving a significant portion of the math section. However, they cautioned against over-reliance on this tool. Understanding the concepts and knowing when and how to use Desmos effectively is crucial.

👉 Challenges in the English Section

The most challenging part of the English section, as per Roger and Anjali, were the comparative text analysis questions. They recommended focusing on understanding the main ideas and using the process of elimination as effective strategies.

👉 Advice for Future Test Takers

For those about to embark on this journey, our tutors suggested paying extra attention to the unit circle in math and building a robust vocabulary. These areas are not only challenging but also pivotal for scoring well.

👉 Additional Resources

For a comprehensive and targeted approach to SAT preparation, consider exploring our Math and English Self-Paced Courses. These courses are designed to empower students with the knowledge and strategies they need to excel in both sections of the SAT.

Bottom Line

It is important to us at Strategic Test Prep (STP) to continue to stay up-to-date on latest trends in SAT testing. Having our tutors equipped with firsthand access to the test ensures they possess insider knowledge of the exam's format, question types, and underlying concepts. This enables us to tailor our teaching methods and materials to align closely with what students can expect on test day. Although we could not talk about this knowledge openly, we plan to share our insights with our students to give them an advantage going into the other tests of 2024. With the right preparation, a positive mindset, and a touch of strategic thinking, you're well on your way to acing the digital SAT!

Happy prepping!


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