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Laura Whitmore

Founder and CEO: SAT Prep Coach

Laura Heslin Whitmore is the Founder and CEO of Strategic Test Prep, a leading SAT prep service. With extensive experience and expertise, Laura has been helping students achieve remarkable score improvements since 2007. As a former high school Valedictorian and a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, Laura's educational background sets a strong foundation for her coaching. Trained by a former College Board question writer, she possesses insider knowledge that enables her to outsmart the SAT and ACT tests. Over the years, Laura has refined these strategies and collaborated with her students to develop additional effective techniques. Laura currently scores a 1570 on the SAT (800 Math, 770 English).

Laura's dedication and positive approach have resulted in exceptional outcomes. Her students have achieved grade improvements and remarkable score gains of up to 400 points on the SAT. From local to international levels, Laura's influence has expanded, working with students in various states across the United States, as well as countries such as Finland, Azerbaijan, India, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates and Chile.

In addition to personalized coaching, Laura extends her expertise through her popular YouTube channel, Strategic Test Prep, where she shares free test prep information with students worldwide. Recognizing the need for accessible resources, Laura has also developed asynchronous online SAT courses and a Digital SAT prep app called Preptly​​, available on the App Store and Google Play. With degrees in psychology and a dual degree in mathematics and adolescent education, Laura's qualifications and dedication make her a trusted source for successful SAT preparation.

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