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1-on-1 ACT Tutoring

College Admissions offices consider an ACT score on par with an SAT score. That is why we often recommend trying this alternative option before creating a plan for our students to maximize their results. Some students naturally score higher on this particular test, giving us a head start in the test prep process. 

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  • If you’re stronger in ELA than in math

  • If you’re a student with accommodations who gets extra time

  • If you prefer a paper test format versus a computer test format

What are common reasons a student may do better on the ACT?

How is the ACT Different than the SAT?

✔️The ACT has a Science Section
✔️ Math is 1/4 of the composite score
✔️ Time per question is less than SAT
✔️ Math contains some pre-calculus
✔️ Test is still in a paper format
✔️ Test is longer (3.5 hours vs. 2 hours)
✔️ Score is out of 36 instead of 1600
✔️ Questions are more straightforward

After a 15-minute consultation, we will provide our new student with a diagnostic ACT to determine if their baseline is higher than their SAT baseline. We use a concordance table to make this comparison. If the student scores at least 50 points higher on the ACT, we recommend prepping for the ACT instead. If the student's scores are similar, then we perform a qualitative analysis and choose the test that the student feels more comfortable with. 

How Do We Determine if the ACT is right for you?

Where Do You Provide ACT Tutoring?

Most of our students meet over the computer for our tutoring services, since we reach and impact students all over the world. However, we do offer in-person tutoring in Binghamton, NY as well.

For more information on test prep, please check out our Information Pack.

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