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March 2024 SAT Success Guide: Elevate Your Scores in 8 Weeks

By Laura Whitmore

With the digital SAT just around the corner, it's crucial to start your preparation now. For those who are reading this with less than 2 months to go before March 9th, it’s important to tailor your study plan to fit the time you have left. The essence of SAT prep lies in being proactive, a trait that distinguishes you from those who scramble for last-minute tips. Whether you're a student gearing up for the big test or a parent supporting your teen, this is for you. 

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Tip #1: Understand Your Motivation

The first step is to recognize the importance of genuine motivation. Why is this test important to you? What are the goals driving you? Identifying these factors will help maintain focus, even on days when studying feels overwhelming. Your motivation is a powerful tool that can propel you forward in your SAT journey.

Tip #2: Pick Your Battles

You know yourself best. Assess your strengths and decide whether to concentrate on English, Math, or both. It’s important to recognize that many U.S. schools consider your best scores from different sections across different test dates. This means you have the flexibility to focus on one area at a time, which can be particularly beneficial for managing your study load.

Tip #3: Aim High, But Real

Set a goal that stretches you but is still within reach. A critical aspect of preparation is setting realistic, yet challenging goals. These should be based on your current performance and aimed at achievable improvement. Goals give direction and purpose to your study sessions, making them more effective.

Tip #4: Consistency is Key

A little bit often is better than a lot all at once. Dedicate at least two days a week for your SAT prep. Each session, lasting between one to two hours, can significantly impact your understanding and readiness. Whether it's an hour after dinner or a Sunday morning, make it your "SAT time." By integrating regular study into your routine, you're not only preparing for the test but also developing essential time management skills. Mark these sessions in your calendar as non-negotiable appointments with your future.

Tip #5: Smart Study Tools

It's not just about hard work, it's about smart work. The right study materials can make a world of difference. Use tools like the College Board's question bank, and for those who prefer digital resources, our mobile app, Preptly, offers a flexible way to prepare. It’s designed to adapt to your schedule, allowing you to practice anytime, anywhere. This approach ensures that your preparation is as dynamic and versatile as your lifestyle.

Save the full-length practice tests for when you've got the hang of things. And don’t forget to track your progress – it’s incredibly satisfying to see how far you’ve come!

Tip #6: Be Your Own Detective

Dive deep into the questions you got wrong and ask yourself: Why did I get that question wrong? What makes the right answer right? Each practice test you take is an opportunity to learn. Analyze your performance closely, understand why certain answers are correct, and learn from your mistakes. This introspection is key to aligning your thinking with the SAT's logic.

Bottom Line

Preparing for the SAT is a journey that requires motivation, strategic focus, and consistent effort. Whether you choose to use digital tools, enroll in a self-paced course, or simply follow these tips, the key is to remain dedicated and persistent. The effort you put in now will pave the way for your future academic and career successes.

Happy prepping!


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