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How to Ace the Digital SAT Without Pulling All-Nighters?

By Laura Whitmore

Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed by the thought of preparing for the DSATs? Worry not! We have some insider tips that will help you glide through this test with ease. We all know the SATs can be daunting, but it's not just about cramming and pulling all-nighters. It's about smart, strategic preparation that works for you. 

In this guide, I've put together my top 10 tips to help you master the digital SAT with confidence and ease. And the best part? You won't have to sacrifice your sleep or social life.

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1. Positive Answers? Maybe Not!

When you're tackling those English questions where two texts are being compared, try steering clear of the overly positive answer choices. Usually, the texts are trying to show different viewpoints, so a super cheery answer might not be the fit.

2. Trim Down Transition Words

Got a question about transitions? Here’s a neat trick: if two words basically mean the same thing (like "thus" and "therefore"), chances are neither is the right pick. This can help narrow down your choices.

3. Your Scrap Paper Is a Secret Weapon

Geometry can be a bit of a puzzle, right? If there's a drawing, use a piece of scrap paper to measure things. It's a simple, yet effective way to get those tricky measurements sorted.

4. Pick a Letter, Stick with It

Running out of time? Here's a nifty little shortcut: choose a letter (like 'D') and use it for all your remaining answers. It’s like a little lottery – you might just hit the jackpot with a few correct ones!

5. Middle Numbers for the Win

In math, if you're scratching your head over what to choose, go for a number in the middle. It's often a safer bet than those extreme numbers.

6. Find the Contrast in English

For those pesky questions where you need to complete a text, focus on the part where the writer's opinion changes. It's usually the key to unlocking the right answer.

7. Work Backwards in Math

Stuck on a math problem? Flip it on its head and start with the answers. Try plugging them back into the question and see which one fits. It's like working out a puzzle from the corner pieces!

8. The Pronoun Game in English

When you're dealing with verbs and tenses, try the 'he' trick. Put 'he' in front of each verb choice. The odd one out is usually your golden ticket.

9. Play with 'Nice Numbers'

When math gets too wordy, substitute those variables with a friendly number, like 2. It's like giving the question a makeover to make it easier to solve.

10. Desmos: Your Math Buddy

Don't forget about the Desmos calculator for those tough algebra problems on the digital SAT. It's like having a little math genius right at your fingertips.

A Little Extra Help

While these strategies are a great start, sometimes we all need a bit of extra help. That's where Preptly comes in – it's a fabulous mobile digital SAT Prep app that's got loads of resources to help you get those scores up.

Remember, it's not just about knowing the answers, but knowing how to find them smartly and efficiently. So, take these tips, give them a whirl, and watch those scores climb – without the stress!

Happy prepping!


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