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A Three-Week SAT Cram Plan: Are You Up for the Challenge?

By Laura Whitmore

Welcome to the ultimate SAT cram plan! We're tackling a common challenge: prepping for the SAT with just three weeks to go. No need to panic – with a clear plan and teamwork, we can make significant strides. And I’m here to guide you through a meticulously planned, last-ditch effort to boost your SAT scores. While students are on the frontlines, parents play a crucial supportive role in this critical period.

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Week 1: Start With a Reality Check

Kick things off with a full practice SAT. This isn't just about answering questions; it's about simulating the actual test day. Take a full-length practice test under exam conditions to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses. This initial step is crucial—it sets the baseline from which we chart the progress.

Parents, this is where you can really bolster the effort. Offer a conducive testing environment and support your children in analyzing their performance. This reflective practice is where growth begins.

Week 2: Dive Into the Details

Armed with insights from your practice test, it’s time to get specific with your studies. If certain math concepts are giving you a headache or if reading passages are slowing you down, face them head-on this week.

Use online resources for practice, and don’t be afraid to ask for help – whether it's from a tutor, a teacher, or online forums.

To get some extra practice in no matter where you are, check out Preptly, our mobile digital SAT prep app that's perfect for squeezing in study sessions on the go.

Week 3: Review and Relax

The last leg of prep should focus on refining techniques and timing. As you move into the final week, keep practicing, but start to slow down. You want to be sharp, not burnt out. Review errors from your previous practice test and focus on pacing.

As crucial as study is, rest is equally important. Begin winding down two days before the SAT. You want to approach test day feeling refreshed, not frazzled. Parents, assist them in organizing their test materials and selecting comfortable attire for the test day.

The Night Before: Rest and Recharge

Preparation extends beyond the books. The day before the SAT should be about ensuring everything is ready—no last-minute scrambles for pencils or admission tickets. Lay out clothes, pack the bag, and set the alarm. Make sure everything you need for the test is ready to go. You've done the hard work; trust that it will pay off.

Parents, help with these preparations and try to create a calm atmosphere at home. A good night's sleep is more beneficial than last-minute cramming.

Beyond the Cram: Ongoing Prep and Support

While this plan is great for a quick prep boost, the best results come from consistent, long-term effort. Parents, your role in this journey is invaluable. Encourage your child not just in these three weeks but in the ongoing process of learning and growth. Celebrate the small victories and remind them that every question tackled is a step closer to their goal.

If you're looking for a more self-directed study option, our Self-Paced Digital SAT English Course is a fantastic resource.

And if personalized guidance is more your speed, consider our 1:1 Tutoring for tailored support from expert tutors.

Happy prepping!


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