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May SAT Insights: Tutors Share Their Experiences and Tips

By Laura Whitmore

Curious about how the May SAT went? I'm thrilled to share a detailed exploration of the digital SAT through the firsthand experience of Emily Jones, one of our exceptional tutors who recently took the May SAT. Her thoughts are invaluable for students and parents as you prepare for this important test. Check out what Emily has to say and find out how to do well on the digital SAT!

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👉 Efficiency and Pace: Emily found the digital SAT to be more efficient and less tiring than the paper version. The digital format allowed for a more streamlined testing experience, reducing the fatigue associated with the longer paper test.

👉 Experience with Breaks: Interestingly, she noted that the digital SAT's shorter breaks were sufficient, contrasting with the paper test where breaks felt essential due to its length and intensity.

👉 Variability in Question Arrangement: The digital SAT presented questions in an unpredictable pattern, especially in the math sections, where the difficulty did not progress linearly but had unexpected peaks and troughs.

👉 English Section Challenges: In the English sections, narrative passages sometimes blurred the lines between fiction and non-fiction, requiring strong reading comprehension skills to navigate successfully.

👉 Familiarity with Format: Emily emphasized that getting accustomed to the digital interface was crucial. She noted the importance of understanding how to effectively use digital tools like the annotation feature and the Desmos calculator.

👉 Preparation for Content: Systems of equations and understanding complex vocabulary were highlighted as particularly challenging areas, suggesting focused preparation in these topics.

👉 Interpreting Narrative Passages: Emily pointed out that determining the tone and intent of narrative passages was especially difficult, making questions about completing paragraphs or choosing logically consistent statements more challenging.

👉 Importance of Vocabulary: A robust vocabulary helps not just in answering direct questions but in understanding passages overall, which is crucial for performing well in the English sections.

👉 Question Placement and Types: The end of the Math sections tended to vary in difficulty, with some easier questions unexpectedly placed toward the end, which could be strategic in managing one’s time and efforts during the test.

👉 New Types of Questions: Emily noted the introduction of some new question types and formats, especially in geometry, which included unfamiliar approaches to common topics like circle theorems and properties of shapes.

👉 Broad and Varied Reading: Emily recommends a broad reading regimen that includes a variety of genres and topics. This practice helps in quickly adapting to the diverse passages encountered during the SAT.

👉 Comfort with Digital Tools: Being comfortable with the digital test’s tools and interface before test day is essential, as it can significantly reduce stress and improve efficiency.

Emily’s firsthand account underscores the importance of adapting to the digital format’s nuances and preparing thoroughly for its specific challenges.

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Happy prepping!

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3 days ago

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