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Why Strategic Test Prep?

We believe in changing the trajectory of your child's future.

Students who work with us report increased motivation, confidence, and earn better test scores and grades.

Contact us today to learn about our various tutoring and educational opportunities.

SAT and ACT Practice Tutoring

Test Prep &
Tutoring Services

Changing the Trajectory of Your Child's Future

SAT/ACT Workshops

Our five week, small-group SAT classes teach students to "play the game," with a focus on test-taking strategies to maximize their score! Our students report feeling more confident on test day and boost their scores by 92.5 points on average! Click the icon above to learn more.

1-on-1 Test Prep

Want more focused and specific attention on certain areas of the test? Our SAT/ACT 1-on-1 tutoring sessions cater to the individual students' needs to deliver maximum results. After working with STP for at least 3-6 months, 95% of our students achieve triple-digit score gains. 

Math & Science Tutoring

Our experienced math and science tutors in Binghamton, NY meet with your child for laser-focused 1-on-1 support catered to their specific needs.  We offer single sessions for flexibility or 10-session packages for ongoing support. Click the icon above to learn more & book sessions. 


Maggie F. - Seton Catholic Central

My sophomore year I took my first sat class with Laura Whitmore. I was super excited to take this next step towards my future. I am currently a junior now and I have taken three classes with her. Each one has impacted me in different ways. My first SAT didn’t go as well as I hoped, but with the help of Laura my score went up 270 points. Not only did she teach me the skills and tactics to help me succeed on the sat but she also taught me to have more confidence in myself and my answers. Many of the math and English skills she has taught for the sat I have also used in my other AP classes. What makes her standout compared to all other teacher’s I have had is she cares about each and every individual student and wants to give everyone the best possible chance at success. She gets to know both your strengths and your weaknesses, and she truly wants you to do your absolute best.

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