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Taking the August SAT? Try these Tips from a Test Prep Expert

Hey guys, it's Laura Whitmore here. I've been an SAT and ACT test prep instructor for over 15 years and super score a1570 on the SAT. I've worked with hundreds of students all across the US and worldwide. This blog is all about helping you prepare for the August SAT, whether you're taking the digital or paper version.

Paper SAT Tips For those of you preparing for the paper SAT, which is still used in the US for now, I've got a few tips for you:

  1. Since the August SAT will include questions and concepts for the new 2023-2024 school year, I recommend practicing with the digital SAT Math questions from the Blue Book exams app. It's likely that they'll reuse some of these questions.

  2. Also, keep track of your pacing with a test-taking watch, so you can efficiently manage your time during the reading section.

  3. Make sure to know all your grammar rules for the writing section, as those questions can be easy points if you're familiar with them.

  4. For math, use recent real tests since the format has changed since 2016.

Digital SAT Tips Now, let's shift our focus to the digital SAT, which is the future of the test. Because it is a new test, students are facing various problems when attempting to prep for it.

Problem #1

The biggest challenge students face with the digital version is the lack of available materials for practice.


To overcome this problem, I recommend using older paper tests for both math and English sections. The overlap with the digital SAT is significant, and it will help you prepare better.

Problem #2

Students run out of time during Module 2 of the English sections.

Solution When tackling the English section of the digital SAT, read the question before the passage. This way, you know what to look for while reading and can save valuable time. Also, be aware of the answer choices. College Board has been reusing questions, so be prepared to recognize familiar questions.

Problem #3 Students wait until the last minute and now do not have enough time to fully prepare for the test.


If you're short on prep time, consider taking a super scoring approach. Focus on mastering one section of the test, either English or math, for the August SAT, and then take the other section in a later test, like the October one. This way, you can maximize your scores and improve your overall performance.

Problem #4

The scoring algorithm for the digital SAT is wonky and does not seem to make sense. For example, the March SAT's algorithm was very harsh and students did not do well overall, but everyone did much better on the May SAT.


Sign up for more than one test, as College Board is still figuring out the scoring algorithm for the digital SAT. Having more opportunities will increase your chances of achieving your desired score.

I hope these tips help you get ready for the August SAT and improve your performance. Remember to practice diligently and stay focused.

Happy prepping!


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