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My June SAT Score Reveal: Insights and Strategies for SAT Success

By Laura Whitmore

June SAT scores are out! We're eager to see how you performed, and I'm here to share not only my score but also nine valuable insights I gathered from taking the official digital SAT. These insights will be helpful for anyone prepping for the August SAT and beyond!

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Insight #1: Time Management on Module 2 English

One of the most common issues students face is running out of time on Module 2 English. Unlike Module 1, Module 2 is much more demanding in terms of time. Many students start at a leisurely pace in Module 1 and struggle to adjust in Module 2. My tip is to quickly tackle the easier questions first (grammar, transitions, words in context) and spend no more than 30 seconds to a minute on each. This strategy helps ensure you have enough time for the more complex questions.

Insight #2: Expect the Unexpected with College Board’s Question Bank

Anything in College Board’s Question Bank is fair game, even the rarest concepts. For example, the density formula, which appeared on the March SAT, is only featured in three questions out of approximately 1,750 in the question bank. Similarly, the remainder theorem appeared on my June test. To maximize your score, make sure you review all types of questions, especially the less common ones.

Insight #3: Reflection is Crucial

If you're not satisfied with your June SAT score, use it as a learning experience. Reflect on what you did well and what you need to improve. Create a T-chart with one column for "Things I Did Well" and another for "Things I Need to Do Differently." This reflection will guide your preparation for the next test.

Insight #4: Focus on Question Types in Module 2 Math

In Module 2 Math, the majority of questions fall into two categories: quadratics and geometry. If you struggled towards the end of this module, focus your practice on these areas. Reviewing hard-level questions in these categories can significantly improve your performance.

Insight #5: Use the Score Report Wisely

While the SAT score report provides a general overview of your strengths and weaknesses, a more detailed approach is necessary. Tools like a test tracker or an opportunity analysis spreadsheet can help you pinpoint specific areas for improvement. For more advanced analysis, consider our exclusive Opportunity Analysis Spreadsheet, available to students enrolled in our self-paced courses or through one-on-one tutoring.

Insight #6: Repetition of Vocabulary Words

Vocabulary words often repeat across different tests. Keep a list of any words you encounter that you don’t know. Familiarizing yourself with these words increases the likelihood of recognizing them on future tests.

Insight #7: Repetition of Questions from Previous Tests

Questions from previous real tests can and do repeat. This isn’t new, but it’s crucial to your strategy. If you’re prepping over the summer, sign up for both the August and October tests. Exposure to questions in August could help you perform better in October.

Insight #8: Variation in Questions for Individuals

The SAT varies questions between test-takers to prevent cheating. So, if your friend mentions a question you didn’t see, it’s normal. Different contexts and numbers are used to create a fair testing environment.

Insight #9: Experimental Questions

Each module contains two experimental questions that do not count towards your score. If you encounter a particularly strange or challenging question, it might be one of these. Don’t stress too much over it; focus on answering the questions you are more confident about.

My June SAT Score Reveal

Let's get to the big reveal. I scored a 1580 on the June SAT, with an 800 in Math and a 780 in English. While I was confident in my preparation, the 800 in Math did surprise me a bit, especially since there was one question I was unsure about.

Remember, the key to mastering the SAT is consistent practice and reflection. Keep these insights in mind as you prepare, and you’ll be well on your way to achieving your best score yet.

Happy prepping!


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