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Math & Science Subject Tutoring

Teacher and Student

Our team of highly skilled tutors is ready to help your child take on those tough STEM subjects with confidence! Our lessons aren't just about the numbers and formulas; we include everything from note-taking to study tricks that work across all subjects.

How about catching up one or two times a week? Our hourly sessions are filled with tailored support to suit your child's class needs, making learning a breeze.

Give us just two to three months, and you'll see a difference—typically a full letter grade improvement or more! Here at Strategic Test Prep, we're big advocates in steady work that leads to substantial growth. That being said, we only take students who are willing to make an ongoing weekly commitment to their learning.

And don't worry about the where and how. Whether you're near Binghamton, NY, or prefer the convenience of online learning, we've got you covered with both in-person and remote tutoring options. 

       Available Subjects:

  • Chemistry Tutoring

  • Physics Tutoring

  • Algebra I Tutoring

  • Algebra II Tutoring

  • Geometry Tutoring

  • Pre-Calculus Tutoring

  • Calculus Tutoring

  • Statistics Tutoring

  • Earth Science Tutoring

  • Life Science Tutoring


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