SAT/ACT Test Prep in Binghamton, NY

Our SAT and ACT tutors teach our students effective test-taking strategies to help them boost their scores. We focus on metacognition so our students develop an awareness of their behaviors and patterns as they take a test so that they can make positive changes. We are masters of the SAT and ACT tests, so we know exactly what concepts are important to review with our students. And our students get results. 

In our 5-week SAT Workshop, students learn the basics for the SAT test. This includes strategies and concepts for all sections of Reading, Writing and Math.  Our students report feeling more confident on test day and utilize what they learned when taking the ACT test as well. 

With 1-on-1 Test Prep, we develop a custom plan to achieve a maximum super score for each student. Through laser-focused instruction, we hone in on individual weaknesses and provide each student with the specific tools they need to achieve their goals. With as little as  3-6 months of SAT/ACT test prep instruction, 95% of our students increase their scores 100-350 points.