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Laura Whitmore

Founder and CEO; Test Prep Specialist

Laura Whitmore Best SAT Prep Tutor_edited.jpg

 After graduating as Valedictorian of Binghamton High School in 2002, Laura studied at the University of Notre Dame. Upon graduation, she moved to South Florida, where she was hired as a lead tutor and college planning assistant for a successful educational consulting company. Trained by a former College Board employee, Laura received insider information that helped her learn how to outsmart the SAT and ACT tests. Laura has since refined those strategies, as well as created some of her own in collaboration with her students.  The strategies she teaches her students earned her 1570 super score on the SAT (800 Math, 770 English). 


Laura has worked with hundreds of students since 2007 and has helped them improve their grades and achieve score gains of as much as 400 points on the SAT! Laura believes in positive reinforcement, encouragement, and making the process fun for her students! Since founding Strategic Test Prep, Laura has been working with students on a national and international level as well! She has worked with students in California, Texas, New Jersey, and Delaware, as well as  Finland, Azerbaijan, India, Switzerland, and Chile! 


Laura hosts a popular YouTube channel, aptly titled Strategic Test Prep, where she offers free test prep information to students around the world. She recently designed an  asynchronous online SAT course (for the paper version) to provide a low-cost alternative to her popular SAT Workshop. Recognizing materials are scarce for the new Digital SAT iteration, Laura also developed a Digital SAT prep app called Preptly​, which is available in the App Store and Google Play. Laura possesses a degree in psychology and a dual degree in mathematics and adolescent education. 

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