Laura Whitmore

 Test Prep, College Planning, Math Tutoring


After graduating from the University of Notre Dame in 2006, Laura began her educational consulting career while working as a lead tutor and college planning assistant for a prestigious company in Boca Raton, Florida. Trained by a former CollegeBoard SAT test question designer, Laura received insider information that helped her learn how to outsmart the SAT and ACT tests. Laura has since refined those strategies, as well as created some of her own in collaboration with her students.  The strategies she teaches her students earned her a 1550 on the SAT (780 Math, 770 English). 

While in Florida, Laura also received training from a Certified Educational Planner (CEP) to learn best practices for helping students apply to college. Laura understands what helps a college applicant stand out. She has helped many students develop memorable essays and fill out applications strategically. Laura continues to take professional development courses regularly and communicate with other college planners to know what colleges are looking for right now. 

Recognizing a need in our community for these services, Laura founded Strategic Test Prep in 2021. Since founding the company, Laura has received many requests from parents and students for STEM tutoring. As a certified math teacher in NYS, Laura understands the struggles students have in math and science and the importance of supporting them in these areas due to the growing demand in STEM fields. She tutors many students in all levels of math, from Algebra I to calculus.

Laura was valedictorian of Binghamton High School in 2002. She has earned two degrees: one in psychology from the University of Notre Dame and the other from SUNY Cortland in Adolescent Education: Mathematics 7-12. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree from University of Albany in Curriculum Design and Instructional Technology. Laura is also a certified New York State teacher and has taught in the Vestal Central School District in Vestal, NY.